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  • Fiscal advice.

  • Tax returns.

  • Intensive guidance start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

  • Communication with tax authorities.

  • Objections, tax procedures before the Court and the Court of Appeal.

  • Second opinion regarding tax advice/strategies.

  • Advice and guidance regarding monument and tax authorities/municipality.

Fiscal advice

You can think of, for example, the following topics:

1. Advice on/answer to all questions in the field of income tax, corporation tax, sales tax, wage tax, transfer tax, inheritance tax, gift tax and other levies and taxes.

2. Optimizing the tax position, suggesting opportunities to save tax and working out the solution of your choice in your situation.

3. Tax advice and elaboration on:
the choice of the legal form of your company and joint ventures with fellow entrepreneurs (VOF, B.V., partnership, partnership of new style, etc.)
the creation of B.V.`s
contributions from companies in B.V.’s
asdvision regarding the “golden handshake” or severance pay
pension issues, both for the director shareholder and collective schemes
business succession and discontinuation of your company
(re) structuring of companies
relocation and expropriation
purchase and sale, investment valuation issues
divorce involving entrepreneurs
pension and annuity issues
financial and estate planning, including gift planning.

4. Fiscal review annual accounts and other financial reports.

Tax returns

Taking care of tax returns:

1. income tax
2. corporation tax
3. declarations of inheritance or donation
4. dividend tax
5. preparing declarations of turnover tax and wage tax.